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Related Services Staffing Plans for School Districts

Utilize the experience and expertise of Boothby Therapy Services to determine your special education needs accurately.

Over 20 years of working directly with school districts, we have developed a data-driven tool to accurately plan your yearly staff and save special education dollars.

The BTS Data DNA collects information from IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) and the many pieces of a provider’s job to calculate the hours needed for a specific caseload. This approach projects an accurate financial estimate for these positions.

Speech therapy and Occupational therapy are not one-size-fits-all. Customizing services to each student’s need will maximize their progress while limiting time out of the regular education setting.

This is no small task! Our experienced managers will consult with you to sift through caseload information to confidently determine your staffing needs.

Using the BTS Data DNA will save you time, support positive staff and student outcomes, as well as save district funds.

The BTS Data DNA

Watch this video to understand why this tool is so effective.

The BTS Data DNA has been implemented successfully in over 90% of New Hampshire’s school districts.

Precisely calculate the hours needed.
Retain skilled service providers.
Maximize special education dollars.

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We have gone through this process twice in the Merrimack District and I have found both the process and the final report very helpful. For me, it has given backup and justification for services in my special ed budget as well as (and most importantly) a feeling/data to support that I have staff to meet students’ needs.

John Fabrizio, Director of Special Services,
Merrimack School District